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Florida General Lines 2-20 License

General Lines 2-20 Schedule

The Florida General Lines 2-20 License, or "Property-Casualty License", allows individuals to transact insurance business in Personal and Commercial Lines of insurance, such as; Workers' Compensation, Surety, Marine, Health and Miscellaneous Lines. It also enables an individual to open and operate their own independent insurance agency.

  • NEW! Online Self-Study - The 200-Hr General Lines Licensing Course is offered as a Self-Study Online course mirroring the state exam content outline. The course allows complete flexibililty of time and 24/7 access. Hundreds of questions are included to test your understanding of the material. Questions are sprinkled throughout the course as a review of concepts and terms being discussed. A PDF copy of the Hilda Tucker Insurance School General Lines/Personal Lines Exam Prep Workbook is included as an additional resource.
    This course is designed for those who have no insurance background and are seeking a General Lines license, as well as those holding at 20-44 Personal Lines or 440/442 Customer Representative license.
  •  In Classroom - In person courses are offered in our Orlando facility.
  • NEW! Live Webinar Virtual Classroom - The General Lines Courses are also offered as a Live Online Webinar. Webinars are conducted in real-time. Upon registration an email is sent with course information and a link to the Webinar. Webinars are conducted through GoToWebinar and may be viewed on any mobile device. It is your responsibility to provide a correct email address.  IF you do not receive an email from GoToWebinar with the link, please check your Spam folder.
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Steps and requirements to obtaining a Resident 2-20 General Lines License:

*NO Insurance Experience:
The 200-hour General Lines Qualificaiton Course must be completed with a passing grade of 70% or higher within four (4) years of the application date for the General Lines 2-20 license.

Insurance Experience:
If you currently hold a Personal Lines (20-44), Customer Representative (4-40), or Service Representative (0-55) license and have been appointd for at least one year, you may qualify for a reduction in education hours. Please see the 40-hour General Lines 2-20 License Course.

Required Course Material:
Hilda Tucker Exam Prep General Lines/Personal Lines Workbook - Go to our Bookstore to purchase the Workbook

System Requirements for Webinars:

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