Surplus Lines

Florida Surplus Lines 1-20 License

Surplus Lines 1-20 Schedule

The Florida Surplus Lines 1-20 License allows licensed individuals to transact the placement of insurance coverages with unauthorized insurers and to place such coverages with authorized insurers as to which the licensee is not licensed as an agent.

Steps and requirements to obtaining a Resident 1-20 Surplus Lines License:

Prerequisites before applying:

  • Complete a 60-hour approved insurance course in surplus and excess lines insurance. Must be completed within four (4) years of application date.
  • Completed at least one (1) year of responsible insurance duties as a full-time bona fide employee of a licensed surplus lines insurance agent.
  • Held a valid resident license in a reciprocal state with the equivalent line of authority for at least one (1) continuous year prior to applying for a license in Florida, become a resident of Florida, and submit application for the Florida surplus lines license within 90 days of becoming a Florida resident.

Special Note:

  • Surplus lines agents must appoint themselves after obtaining a license. To do this:
    • Log in to your My Profile account.
    • Select the "Access eAppoint" link on the right.
    • If you have neer used eAppoint, you must first register and will need to select "Register to become an appointing entity".
    • Once you have completed the steps above, you will be able to select "New Appointment" in the eAppoint Workbench. After selecting "New Appointment" follow the on screen instructions and pay the $150 appointment fee to complete your self-appointment. This appointment must be renewed during your birth month 2 years after the initial appointment effective date, and every 24 months after, to maintain this license.
  • Surplus lines agents are automatically deemed a member of the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office (FSLSO) and as a new licensee will need to register in the Surplus Lines Information Portal (SLIP)