Following are a few of the many testimonials we receive by mail, email and phone.

First I want to say thank you. It was my first time doing a webinar class room style, and it was convenient and rewarding for me. My instructor Tony was engaging with everyone, both online and in the classroom. His teaching method was very concise and to the point. I would not change anything. I have learnt alot, still preferred being in the classroom though. smiling! K.B.

Instructor did a great job. He was clear, concise and explained everything thoroughly. He also managed to keep me engaged. Based on today's experience, I intend to enron in (at least) one more CE Webinar ccourse. Thank you! J.M.

Thank you for the update - and for making CE as painless as possible. I appreciated the updates, especially changes in the laws. My husband is a first responder - and it was good to know about how the law has changed to help provide coverage for first responders. E.K.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Webinars for my CE classes. Very professional and interesting too! Thank you! S.S.

I enjoyed the Webinar and I also learned a lot from it. N.V.

Super webinar courses and instructors...love hilda tucker W.K.

Good morning and thank you so much for offering all this classes back to back, I will recommend your classes and I will continue taking them.
They were supper easy and helpful great teachers, I had a great experience it was my first time taken a webinar and I enjoyed them
. T.H.

I want to tell you that I love the Webinars!!!!!! Thanks for starting this new method!!! V.F.

I think I have completed all of my CE credits for this term and will see you in 2 years! It has been another great experience with Hilda Tucker!. D.K.

I really appreciate your school, you made my CE process easy to manage. R.R.

As a long time student of your company, I have to say that Mr. Tucker was superb, efficient, straightforward, and of course very knowledgable in the subject matter...It always is a value add when your instructors walk the talk and share that experience humbly and with grace. I hope to knock out my last 8 hours before 5.31.18...and hope to complete those with Hilda Tucker... D.K.

I would like to compliment Jenny for representing Hilda Tucker in such a professional way.  She is a pleasure to work with and very responsible.  I have enjoyed having Jenny help me with my continuing education courses over the years.  She deserves the highest recognition for her excellent service! C.R.

Thank you! I have to say that Mr. Melvin Bailey was one of the best instructors I have ever had, and also one of the nicest people I've ever met. A++++++++ J.B.

Thank you so much and me and my co-worker K.C. really enjoyed the class, it was our first time and thought it was not boring and very informative. J.S.

Thank you Hilda Tucker for another wonderful class. Lisa Hunt was fantastic, on time, on point and informative! D.E.

The class is fantastic!! Very excited to finish the rest of the remaining chapters this week and be ready for class on Saturday and Sunday. Then finish things up and take the exam on the 22nd :) C.C.

Hello Linda, I just want to thank you for your help in the class. Maybe you don't remember me. I took the 40-hour class onlind with you bak in August 2016. For any reason I did not take the exam right away when we finished the class, but 3 months later, I decided to take it. I had to refresh all by myself, but believe it or not, I remembered your tips and I used all the notes you gave us. It was hard, yes, the hardest 3 hours of my life. But you know what? I passed the exam and I want to thank you very much for all your help. L.B.

Well, that makes it 5 out of 5 courses and I want you to know that if it weren't for you I probably would not have even begun the certification process, let alone completed it. You have been wonderful and I am so thankful for that! A.D.

Thank you very much. The class was very informational and the instructor presented exceptionally well. I will definitely be taking more webinar classes. I learned a lot and the information is beneficial to my personal life as a new homeowner. V.T.

Hi Linda, First and foremost I want to let you know that I can't take you enough for your teaching techniques, because guess what? It works!!!! I passed the test and everything you teach is there. So, make sure to tell everyone to pay attention to everything you say W.B.

Eddie, I wanted to thank you for the class in June of 2016. The class had me completely prepared to take the state exam. I solely studied your workbook and was able to pass the state exam with an 82%. It was such a relief to find no major surprises and to know I was well prepared while I was taking the test. P.S.

I just wanted to inform you that I took the state exam this morning and PASSED! Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance during the course. K.Y.

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank you for teaching a great class (Jacksonville location). I was in your class starting April 7, 2016 and completed it on April 12, 2016. You made the class fun and most importantly, you taught it in a way that I was able to understand and comprehend all the information we were needing to learn and know to pass the state test. To that end, I took the state test this evening and passed it! Big time sigh! D.W.

Thank you! Really enjoy your webinars :) Makes CE Credits not so bad! K.H.

This was my first Webinar for CE. The class was very well done. I wouldn't hesitate to use Hilda Tucker for future classes. I would also like to thank the staff who assisted me with questions before taking the class. They were very helpful and knowledgable. W.S.

I'm so glad I decided to take my 2-15 pre-licensing course through Hilda Tucker. The instructors were awesome and helpful. I passed my exam with an 86%. A.R.

Linda is amazing! She's helped several of my colleagues pass the first time and I hope I have the same luck! She makes insurance, fun! You're very lucky to have her. S.B.

Thank you so much for allowing me to sit in this weekend on the class. I have been a Commercial Lines CSR for 20 years. I had always wanted to be an agent but was so afraid of the test. In February I took the conversion class but I was too scared to take my test. I finally got the nerve to call and ask to revisit the classroom and I did, yesterday was the last day. The instructor Mr. Santiago was strict but very knowledgeable. Today I passed my test for 2-20 agent. After so many years living in fear I went in confident knowing that I was able to do it. Thanks to God, Hilda Tucker School and Mr. Santiago. S.H.

I went to a different insurance school and thought incorrectly, I failed the test three times. I found your school, got tutoring from John Black, who explained to me in 30 minutes for what took over two months with the other insurance school. I passed the test right after that with a 80. I want o say I appreciate Mr. Black for everything he has done, great teacher and need more like him. R.A.

I just finished Webinar #88057 with Tim Payne. He is truly an excellent professional Teacher. His dictation and speech is perfect and he is very interesting. His presentation of the matierial was excellent. Thank you for hiring him! K.M.

The Webinar was great-Great teacher. L.D.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you both know that I passed my 2-20 state exam yesterday with a score of 82%. I genuinely could not have done whis without the course and although I was skeptial of the lives online delivery, I truly cannot say enough good things about it and would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid prelicensing course option. I just wanted to say thank you to Hilda Tucker for affording me the opportunity to complete both my 215 and 220 state exams the first time. I am eternally grateful. D.S.

I completed the 200 hour General Lines class and the 40 hour Life, Health and Variable Annuity class at the Hilda Tucker Insurance School, in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I had a different teacher for each class and they both taught the class in their own way in order to best serve the students to be able to pass the state tests. When I first received the study manuals for these classes, it seemed a bit overwhelming due to the amount of material that is presented in the manuals. However, the teachers had a very efficient way of teaching the material that helped me comprehend all of the subjects and the teachers were both able to point out key areas of interest to study that they knew was commonly on the state tests. At the end of the course, I had a very good understanding of the material and felt prepared for the state test. I took the state test the day after the course ended (for both courses) and passed it with ease. There is a high failure rate in Florida for people attempting the test their first time. However, I truly believe that anybody can pass the state test on their first attempt if they put in the required effort and most importantly, are taught how to take the tests from industry professionals. The Hilda Tucker Insurance School has great teachers and will always be my "go-to" school for all future classes related to licensing and continuing education. Lastly, I would like to thank my teachers from Hilda Tucker for everything that you have taught to me and for being there for me to stay in touch and answer questions even after I completed by required courses and passed the state exams (with ease on my first attempt!). Thanks again! J.H.

Thanks, Jenny! I want you to know I will definitely continue to use Hilda Tucker Insurance School because of your kind service and helpful attitude. I have used your schools over the years but this was my first webinar experience. The courses were also professionally handled, organized and informative. I want you to know you are appreciated. P.B.

Good Afternoon! I attended 3 tutoring sessions conducted by Melvin. I just wanted to reach out and thank you guys! I passed the 215 with 77% and I couldn't be happier! If you can please extend my gratitude to Melvin, I would greatly appreciate it! He was such an awesome tutor, and I believe he helped me so much this time around. Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!! M.S.

Thank you very mush for the amazing class! I not only learned tons from Linda but I enjoyed it! J.W.

Thank you for the course! Bit long but instructor Linda made it bearable. She knows her stuff. I've been in the insurance business on many levels and have seen many instructors with all degrees of knowledge. We are lucky to have Linda. Please pass on to powers that be S.M.

Thank you for your Exam Prep product. I passed the state exam. Having used your study tools, I was more comfortable and confident than I expected to be while taking the test. Thank you. J

Hi Bob, I'm proud to report that I passed the exam on Saturday with a 90% score! Thank you for all the work you've put in over the 200-hour course. It was great introduction into the language of insurance. D.B.

I just wanted to send you an e-mail and let you know how much I enjoyed my Ethics & Fraud class that Mark gave yesterday, 6/21/14. In the other classes that I have attended, the moderator was good, but Mark made the class interesting and engaging. Unlike any other class that I have been attended, everyone in the class joined in with the class as opposed to just sitting and listening. If I were to know that Mark was the moderator in future classes, I would definitely go out of my way to make sure that I chose classes where Mark was the moderator. T.R.

I would like to say that this is the first (CE webinar) class that I have taken from your organization and I was duly impressed. I have been in the insurance industry for 28 years, have taken a lot of classes and this one was good. Thanks again, and I look forward to taking more from you in the future. R.H.

I was very very nervous as this was my first class online. Did not know what to expect and loved it totally. Thank you so much and Linda Cothern was wonderful and made it all fun and very interesting. G.M.

Yay! Soo Happy! Looking forward to a Great Career in the Insurance Industry! Thank You!! to ALL the Great teachers at Hilda Tucker!! S.S.

Hi Linda, This is T.J. I took the 40 hour 2-20 class the first two weekends of June. I wanted to let you know that I passed the state exam this weekend on the first try. I had planned to take the test sooner but I ended up having other things come up. Your class definitely helped prepare me for the state and I wanted to tell you thank you. T.J.

Guess who's a 2-20 now?!!! Meeeee!!! Woooop wooooop!!!! Thank you so much for all your help and advise!! I am Super excited!!!! (Live Online Conversion-40 hour course) S.M.

I recently took webinar classes online with Linda Cothern with the help of Jenny Perry who would so patiently sign me up and follow through to make sure I did everything correctly with every class, I had 20-hours in total. Jenny and Linda were amazing!! Linda kept the classes fun and interesting even though some were quite BORING!!! I just had to tell you that if I owned my own company, I would be snatching those two from you!! Great job on hiring and training them both!! I will make sure everyone knows about your company and how extremely pleased I am. Thank you and God Bless!! A.F.

Bob, I passed with an 86. Thank you for helping me pass my test. B.Z.

Passed state exam. There was 1 question about misappropriated funds. Other than that it was everything we covered. Thanks again. A.B.

This quick note is to extend thanks for the great experience I had taking my 2-15 40-hour course of the previous two weekends. John Black was a competent, thorough, professional and knowledgeable instructor who helped me to develop the in depth knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter. Thank you for a great experience John! D.N.

Linda, I have to say, this was my first Webinar and most definitely will not be my last. Thank you for your time creating such a sonderful way to understand the course we are actually taking for the CE credits. Insteach of just taking a course for CE credits, reading between the lines and hoping you pass. It was a pleasure. L.P.

Bob, Just wanted to give an update. I passed my 2-15 exam today with an 85%. Hope all is well. R.B.

This quick noted is to extend thanks for the great experience I had taking my 2-15 40 hour course of the prevous two weekends. John Black was a competent, thorough, professional and knowledgeable instructor who helped me develop the in depth knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter. Thank you for a great experience John! D.N.

Dear Jenny: Recently I had the pleaseure of completing the State of Florida statutory two hundred hour pre-licensing course at your Deerfield Beach location, and over that four week period I found the instructors to be extremely knowledgeable, most insightul to which allowed the course material to be presented in a clear straight forward matter that enable me to pass the State Examination on the first attempt scoring 100% on twelve of the eighteen sections with a overall score of 91%.

The other important tools that lead to the successful outcome, the Hilda Tucker Property-Casualty Exam Prep Workbook which supplied a detail summary of each chapter with sample examination questions coupled with the weekly classroom exam inations and intensive review of such most difinitely allowed for each student to evaluate their level of material retention prior to taking the course final

Thank you for providing the required information to achieve a most successful outcome. Respectfully, A.V.

Dear Bob, Happy New Year. I hope this email finds you well. Just wanted to let you know I took the exam and FAILED!!!

Just kidding...Passed first time with a 78. Some of the questions were not so tricky...not a lot of math needed. They did ask more questions than I would have thought regarding the Customer Service Representative...somewhere around 5 questions. Wish I could remember other specifics but I took it about a week ago. Thanks for everything...You are an amazing teacher! Best Regards, J.D.

Bob, I passed the state exam today! Thank you for your help and being an excellent teacher. Best Regards, B.A.

Good moring Bob! Hope this email finds you & your love ones well. Just wanted to let you know that I have passed the state exam. Thank you for everything.


Hi Bob, I took the 2-20 test today and passed with an 86.7%! I am very pleased. I think reviewing the material in the creash class helped a lot. I also thank you for taking the pressure off of me before the class test. Knowing what I should expect to make on the test and oing better than that really helped a lot! Happy New Year!


Bob, I attended your course 2 weeks ago for the General Lines portion and just passed my exam this Tuesday with an 82. I really appreciate your instruction and felt prepared for the test.

Thanks again!


I just wanted to THANK YOU for doing a great job!

I felt comfortable from the time I booked the class, the lady was really nice and professional, I believe her name is Jenny. In addition, the instructor (John Black) was awesome at explaining everything and making it as simple as possible for us to understand the material that needed to be covered. Of course, I passed the State Exam and I couldn't have done it without his help or yours. I passed on 7/6/12.

Keep up the good work. I am very pleased with the service, your business is making me grow too! THANK YOU M.J.

Hi Mr. Black...How are you...I am doing Great I PASSED with an 80%.  I was in the class with Tiffany and Kim...Thank you very much for your help, could not have done it without you, finallly after taking it 3 times i passed!!!!!!!!  Thank you again...could not thank you enough...

Jenny -  Thanks again for taking care of the class enrollment online...payment and all.  Hilda Tucker is great for anyone getting started with selling insurance as a career.  John B knows how to direct his students in the direction to pass the state exam...wonderful instructor.

Hi Bob!  I just wanted to let  you know that I took the 2-20 exam today & PASSED!  Yay!  Your crash course made a tremendous difference in how prepared I was for this.  Your class helped  in giving me direction on how to study for the test, and a lot of the points you emphasized appeared on the test!  Thank you very much!

Hi Joe - I was a student in your weekend PC cram course for the past two weekends.  I took my 2-20 state exam this morning and wanted to let you know that I passed.  Thanks for all your help, I certainly would not have passed without the course.

Jenny, thank you so very much for making the CE process so easy.  The teacher was fantastic, the class very informative.  Thank you again!

Mr. Swann - I would be remiss if I let the year pass without thanking you and your school.  This year I was at a loss to learn that the State had disallowed 2 of my 7 hour CE courses.  As my birthday approached, I was unable to secure the required courses to continue my license.  I wanted to let  you know how much I appreciated your direction and the Hilda Tucker School.  Your help allowed me to successfully navigate thru the maze.  I have been recommending you and the school and I will continue to do so.  Thanks again!

Hi Bob L. - I took your 200 Hour General Lines Course a few weeks back, just wanted to let you know that I passed my licensing exam this afternoon (on my first try) and wanted to thank you and Sam for the instruction.  I know that I couldn't have done it without the help so  thank you and happy new year.

Eddie, I just want to thank you!
I am so appreciative of you and your institution.  As  you know, I attended the state college 40 hour "mill" for Life, Health and Variable Annuities and was unsuccessful at passing the state exam (twice).  They had 40 - 50 people in the class and a different instructor each day.  Needless to say, I didn't learn too much.
With the Hilda Tucker classes, it was a completely different experience.  The class size was much more manageable and
YOU made me feel like it was a one to one ratio.  Thanks for taking the time to actually teach your students!  I made an 80.7% 3 days after taking your class.

I took the 40-hour Health, Life and Variable Annuities Course at Hilda Tucker with Mr. Eddie Swan in Jacksonville.  He was EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE and made the information easier to understand.  Now that I have my license I wouldn't even consider going somewhere else for my continuing education.  Thanks Hilda Tucker and Thanks Eddie!  If you want your 215-license this is the place you want to be.

I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for accommodating me in my need for the 60-hour Surplus Lines course.  All instructors were extremely professional and helpful in administering the course.  I would give all involved my highest marks on a job well done.

Just wanted to thank you for being a great instructor!!!  I passed my state test.

I just wanted to thank you for having me in your pre-licensing course.  Also, you should be the first to know that the instructor did an outstanding job prepping us for the state exam.  Not only was he thorough in his teaching, he also had a knack for keeping everyone's attention throughout the day.  Once again, thank you very much.

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the terrific course at Hilda Tucker recently.  My daughter took the course at the same time last year and strongly urged me to take the course through Hilda Tucker as opposed to the community college route.  I thoroughly enjoyed every element of the course - teacher, students, workbook, outlines, study CD and felt so thoroughly well rounded after the course - it never felt like we were getting taught for the exam - as a matter of fact - we were better prepared for the exam with your course because of the many different hands-on ways of looking at insurance problems.  I will recommend your school whole heartedly, whenever I get the chance.  See you for my Continuing Education classes within 24 months.

I am B.L. the new immigrant from HK, remember me.  I attended the 220 class in your school.
I passed my first 220 exam last Friday with 83 score.  I am going to prepare myself for the 2-14 and Series 6 as well.
Thank you very much!


As far as I'm concerned I would not have been able to pass the state exam on the first try without the 200 hours at Hilda Tucker Insurance School.

I am writing to inform you that it was a pleasure sitting through your class.  I made the grade and now find myself employed.  I had to relinquish my chair by the pool at the complex where I've been hanging out for the past 6 months while pursuing the studies required...I'm sure that they'll miss me.

I am writing to let you know that myself and M.D. both passed the exam our first time around.  We would just like to say that our teacher was great and we could not have passed it without him.  He is a great instructor and really hammered home the points.  We would recommend your school to anybody as we are excited about our results.  We attended your class in June for the personal lines.  It was a great course and we can't say enough about our instructor.  Thanks again.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in B's class.  The experience was very informative and exhausting.  He is an "exemplary" teacher (star: 400,000 times!).  Thank you again.

I just wanted to pass along a thank you to you, your program and especially the instructors.  I passed my 220 state exam today on my first attempt.  I just wanted to let you know there is NO way I could have passed without your instructors and the teaching methods of the school.  They keep you interested in the "boring" material. The teacher's "diddy bops" are the MAIN reason I passed.  Again, I just wanted to pass along my thank you.

We had to express our gratitude.  Thank you for your heartfelt care.  May you and your house be richly blessed.

Thank you so much for going the extra mile and helping us the way you did.  You are the best!

Thank you for your dedication. It's very rare that somebody passionately does what it is they do.

I passed my 220 on Saturday!!  Once again, your school proved that it is a cut above the rest!!

To the whole Hilda Tucker staff, I am so thankful for all the help I received.  Also, for such wonderful teachers.  I am now a better insurance agent thanks to all of you.  I really learned a lot and I'm so thankful.

I just wanted to officially let you know that I took my state exam for the 220 license and passed with an 88%!!!!  The teachers were awesome by the way!  Your school has lived up to its claims of passing the first time and I would gladly recommend your facilities.

I passed the state exam on my first try.  The course was well worth the money.  Thanks for a job well done!

The continuing education class I took at Hilda Tucker was so creative.  Our instructor involved the class by using roll playing.  We learned so much and enjoyed the class at the same time.

I wanted to thank my instructor, Bob, for doing such a great job with my conversion class.  Everything he said to study and concentrate on was so true!  I finished the conversion class February 28th and passed my 220 test on March 27th.  I studied almost every day, read the chapters again, and did the CD questions until I was consistently getting 98% or 99% correct.  My test score was an 80.  It was so much harder than I imagined, but was very thankful for the 80.