1891 - 40-Hr General Lines 2-20 License (440 Conversion) - 2 Weekends (Fri-Sat-Fri-Sat)

Approval ID# 93631

This is the 40-hour General Lines Qualification course for those who have completed at least 1 year within the last four years of responsible insurance duties as a licensed and appointed Customer Representative (440), Personal Lines Agent (20-44), or Service Representative (0-55) in the areas of property, casualty, surety, marine, and health insurance.  It is also a "Crash Course" in Property-Casualty Insurance for those who need a comprehensive review of all the concepts and material necessary to pass the General Lines 2-20 Licensing Exam.

 Books required for this course include the Stateprep "General Lines Exam Prep Workbook" and the state manual.