20OT - 60-Hr Health, Life and Variable Contracts 2-15 Licensing Online Self-Study Course Course Includes Access to Digital Copy of Our Study Guide/Workbook

Approval ID# 111078

This certified Florida Health andLife, including Annuities and Variable Contracts Online Self-Study Course meets the Florida education requirements for those seeking to be licensed as a Health, Life and Variable Annuity 2-15, 2-14, 2-16, 2-18, 2-40 Agent. It is designed to prepare students to sit for the Florida state insurance exam to obtain the Health, Life and Variable Annuity 2-15, 2-14, 2-16, 2-18, 2-40 agent license.  Included in this course is information on LIfe Insurance, Annuities,Variable Contracts, and Health Insurance.

 Hundreds of questions are sprinkled throughout the course to test your comprehension of the materials being covered. A PDF copy of our Health, Life and Annuities Exam Prep Workbook is included as an additional resource.  

The Self-Study Health, Life and Annuities Licensing course is available 24/7 and access is granted for up to 4 months. The State Manual is required for the course and this Product option does NOT include the State Manual. (IF you need the State Manual be sure to purchase the Product option that includes the State Manual.)

Certification requires the course to be completed with a score of 70% or greater. The course consists of Modules with a quiz at the end of each Module. When all Modules have been completed access to the Final Exam is granted. There are a maximum of three (3) attempts to pass the Final Exam. If the Final Exam is not passed on the third attempt the course must be repurchased. The Final Exam contains 175 questions with an alloted time cap of 3 hours.

 The State of Florida requires a Social Security Number (OR if you already hold a Florida insurance license, the Florida Insurance License Number) be submitted with your certification by the providers upon the completion of a licensing course. Certification of the course cannot be completed until the Social Security form has been submitted and received in our office. For security purposes our system does not record or retain the Social Security numbers of students. IF you already hold a Florida Insurance License, make sure your Hilda Tucker student account reflects this number.  

A state exam, license application, and fingerprinting are required for licensing.

If you have Questions, send them to Questions@hildatucker.com. Instructors will respond to these questions via email.

Upon completion of the course, check out the EXAM SIMULATOR through the Hilda Tucker Insurance School affiliate Stateprep. Cost is minimal and there is unlimited access to practice state exams for the subscription period.

Still need a little more instruction? Health Exam Review courses are offered in classroom for those who have purchased the Self-Study Life and Annuity Licensing course. Contact the school office for details, 1-888-889-9022.

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